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Born in Holland, Michigan, Del was raised in a Christian family with 3 younger sisters. He had a strong musical upbringing in school and also a strong work ethic. Handwork and repair was from an influence from his father who is now a retired home builder. Del served four years in the US Navy stationed on ship in the signal corp. There was a need for music at sea where he played the accordion and guitar. After returning from the Navy, Del worked at Meyer Music in downtown Holland and received heavy training in electronics and band instrument repair. Del started Del's Guitar Gallery in 1970 and began building hand-crafted guitars just one year later. As the retail business grew along with guitar building, Del's store was renamed Del's Music Center. His guitars carried the headstock name "Del's". Accomplishing number 1200 in serial numbers, Del has learned much about guitar building and what makes a guitar great in solid construction as well as sound and performance. As Langejans Guitars, and a headstock label "Langejans", Del is dedicated to full-time building and repair.
Holland, Michigan
Phil Keaggy, Thom Bresh, Earl Klugh, Muriel Anderson, Peter Frampton, Markham Brown
LR-6 Grand Concert, R-12, Bresh Dualette, Earl Klugh Signature, M-6, R-6, MC-6, RC-6, RGC-6, RGC-12, Harp Guitar