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Benoît Lavoie has been in the lutherie game for a while now, specializing in a variety of stringed instruments from guitars and violins to cellos and double basses--all that diverse experience, married to an exciting sense of curve and a scientist's eye, makes for one heck of a luthier.
Stringed instrument making is both an art and a science. Benoît's work lies at the meeting point of these two approaches. Beyond their aesthetic refinement, his instruments offer the musician a truly unique blend of acoustic balance and power. Furthermore, the appeal of his instruments comes from his ability to consistently replicate a high sound quality in every instrument he makes. This is the direct result of his use of an advanced acoustic analysis system he has developed in partnership with a company specializing in acoustic measurement. One thing that underlines Benoît's craft is how he chooses to blend tonewoods, sometimes treading the classical route, sometimes experimenting with bold modern combinations. The delicate and simple ornamentations and his meticulous attention to details help bring out beauty and uniqueness of the wood. Although his work is based on the great stringed-instrument making tradition, he constantly seeks to redefine his approach so as to achieve the ultimate sound quality of the instrument. Whether making a guitar, a violin, a cello or a double bass, Benoît Lavoie always seeks to find new ways of refining his craft. Each and every instrument he makes is an expression of his creativity and dynamic approach. Benoît has chosen to work far from major centers. He lives in his native village because he wants to contribute to the vitality of his community. Visitors are welcome in his Petit-Saguenay workshop , either for repair services or to try one his creations.

Benoît's like a mad scientist turned luthier! His instruments are incredibly responsive with a fresh, modern look.
Petite-Saquenay, QC, Canada
Archtop, Flat Top
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