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25 years as constructor of guitars, and an eagerness to improve with each of his works, make Casimiro Lozano a luthier of prestige matching the most famous constructors of guitars. Lozano Guitars are totally artisan and handbuilt by Casimiro Lozano, since according to his own words: "I Prefer not to have assistants and to realise personally all their construction and thus to give to the client a work of first quality in which she has been put all my attention and care". The production of his guitars is very limited, making each one a rare instrument.
Casimiro Lozano was the foreman at the Vincente Carillo shop in Spain before setting up his own shop to build his fine handmade guitars. He is fast becoming one of the premiere luthiers in Spain and his guitars are crafted from only the finest materials with every piece made by hand by Casimiro himself.
Rubielos Bajos, Cuenca, Spain
Pedro Jesus Gomez Llorente, Miguel Angel Rodenas, Takeshi Tezuka, Michinori Hashimoto, Matsuo Saitou
Tapa, Aros and Fondo, Mastil, Diapason, Tiro, Barnizado
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