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Following a lifelong love of woodworking as a hobby, having worked with cabinetry, home construction projects, furniture building and refinishing, I started my lutherie career in 2002, building my first guitar using William Cumpiano’s and Jonathan Natelson's textbook "Guitarmaking, Tradition and Technology" as my guide. I took the opportunity to study with William Cumpiano in 2003 at his Northampton, Massachusetts shop, where I learned many of the finer points of the craft. Since that time, I have continued to develop my lutherie skills, transitioning from a part-time guitarmaker to full time luthier in early 2007. I have also had the good fortune to be able to attend Ervin Somogyi's guitar voicing master class in 2007, where I gained much greater insight into the relationships among choice of woods, top bracing patterns, construction techniques, and their effects on the resultant sound and response of the guitar.Building guitars for fingerstyle players is the focus of my efforts, and using the skills and knowledge I have gained from my teachers and continued development through my own experimentation, I work to achieve the perfect balance in playability, tone, sustain, and impeccable workmanship. I pay very strict attention to details, both inside the guitar and what is visible to the player. When commissioned to build a custom guitar, I work closely with the player to understand all of the player’s requirements and desires, and maintain this close communication throughout the building process. My shop is located in suburban Baltimore, Maryland, where I build about 10 to 12 guitars a year. In addition to building guitars, I also work as a guitar repair technician at the Appalachian Bluegrass Shoppe in Catonsville, Maryland, a warranty repair shop for Taylor and Martin guitars. Repair work involves everything from guitar setups to re-fretting, bridge resets, neck resets, loose braces, crack and finish repairs. The experience I have gained from repairing guitars has certainly proven to be an invaluable addition to my guitar buidling skills. There is a great deal of synergy between the two.
Following a lifelong pursuit of music and woodworking, I have a great respect for the intricacies of the musical and artistic details in the guitar. Using the skills and knowledge gained from teachers and hands-on experience, each MacCubbin guitar has the perfect balance of playability, tone, sustainability, resonance and has impeccable workmanship – guaranteed.
Cockeysville, MD
Robin Bullock
ES-002, ES-003, ES-004
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