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Maldonado, Pedro
Pedro Maldonado was born in Loja (Granada) in 1929 in Las Parras Street. His father was a furniture maker and Pedro junior began helping his father in the carpentry shop when he was a teenager. Very soon Pedro Maldonado junior had interest in guitar building and other instruments. He dreamed to make these fantastic instruments with his own hands. His father took him to Granada in order to develop this art with the help of some guitar makers from the famous "Escuela Granadina". They met Manuel de la Chica, Eduardo Ferrer an Antonio Robles, all of them famous guitar builders in this Arabian city. They showed to the young Pedro the mysteries of this art and they developed a great relationship. Pedro was in love with the flamenco guitar sound and started playing it with great pleasure. Sometimes "Radio Loja" contacted him to accompany the flamenco singers of the area. It was in 1959 when Pedro Maldonado decided to open his first workshop in "Calle Caus, 16" where he started making his first guitars.
Torremolinos, Spain
"Los Romeros", "Eliot Fisk", "Jan Walf", "Cecilia Peigel", "Angelo Gilardino", "Francisco Doblas", "Arturo F. Jasso",
F1, F1 Cutaway, C1, Andalucia, Special Model

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