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McGill, Paul
Unlike many builders who offer a narrow, standardized set of models, McGill builds a fairly wide range of designs. "What works for me is that I like to develop knowledge that will be applicable over many differing kinds of instruments. I've made steel-string guitars, classical guitars, and resophonic guitars, and in recent years, I've also been building acoustic-electric stage instruments, which I think are quite unique. However, some things cross over from one design to the next. Having developed some understanding of the guitar that is consistent in the basic function of the instrument, I apply that ethic to a lot of different designs sot hat they all work better." A review of McGill's work exemplifies that achievement.
Nashville, Tennessee
Muriel Anderson, Mark Antoine, Jonathan Burchfield, Beth Neilson Chapman, Earl Kugh, John Standefer, Peter White
Super Ace, Super SE, Classical, Resonator, MKS, Collectors' Series