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Muiderman Guitars are a blend of traditional hand-craftsmanship and new acoustic technology. In recent years, luthier Kevin Muiderman has added the scientific method to the traditional craft of building guitars. Combined with the use of the finest tonewoods, his experimentation with carbon fiber laminates, “double tops” and non-traditional bracing methods have produced guitars—both classical and steel string—that deliver a boldness, volume, and clarity of note not found elsewhere. Having been a woodworker, sculptor, and guitar player for years, building guitars had been a dream since childhood. So, back in the early '90s, he trained with master guitar makers Ivon Schmukler and Alan Chapman at Leeds Guitar Maker's School in Northampton MA. In addition to learning the craft of building traditionally constructed instruments, Kevin studied Alan Chapman's methods for designing and building carbon fiber, lattice braced guitars using "test bed" techniques to work through designs before going into production.
North Dakota
Apostolos Parakevas, Michael Chapdelaine, Tony Kaltenberg, Martin Simpson, Jason Dennie, Gordon Bok, Willy Porter, John Doyle, Richie Kaye
Steel String, Classical, Guizouki, Mandolin, The Wave
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