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I build each and every guitar entirely by hand. By that I mean that every tool I use is directly controlled by me without the use of automated machinery. In this way I can produce a much more integrated guitar in terms of overall tone and workmanship. When designing and building these guitars I take every opportunity to fine tune the design to fit the particular tonal requirements and the results are well worth the effort.Custom guitars are my specialty. When I use the term 'custom' I truly mean that anything is possible. You can not only choose your own woods and stain colorings but you can also design a totally new shape, style, or an entire new instrument concept. There are no limits to what is possible. I enjoy the challenge and rewards of building truly custom instruments. Quite often the designs are solely the vision of my clients. Together we make these instruments come alive. Have a look around the gallery and you will see the endless variety that comes out of my shop.Each guitar is made using only the highest quality woods and components to ensure the best tone possible from the instrument. I individually match pieces of wood and tune each piece as necessary to achieve the desired tonal results. This is the same process whether the guitar is acoustic or electric. To me they are all acoustic until plugged in so my goal is always to bring out the best in each piece of wood. In this way the instrument pickups have a superior signal. The results are very musical guitars full of rich harmonic content and wonderful overtones.Every instrument is a unique project that gets individual attention every step of the way. Embellishments and personal details that stray from the norm are always encouraged. I thrive on new ideas and modern interpretations of classic elements. From morphing the goldtop concept into a new ergonomic form to distilling a new musical format into an intuitive new instrument these new designs often forge their own territory.-David Myka
Musical instruments are a work of art on many levels. Each one offers an experience that transcends the material boundaries of its construction: music. Above all else, a musical instrument is about expression. For me, the art of lutherie is a balance of several disciplines and artistic expression. As art, the guitar is a very beautiful instrument with many facets of design to explore. As craft, the architectural constructs offer the challenge of using my skills to meet the task at hand. As a luthier, I am both artist and craftsman. I focus my skills to build each guitar custom tailored to each customer's needs and vision. This requires a discovery phase that defines all aspects of the guitar with as much clarity and precision as possible. Here, I become an interpreter. I take customer’s descriptions, sonic comparisons, player's requirements and artistic expression, and translate these facets into a balance of visual design and acoustic engineering. The result is an instrument that will encompass it all: the guitar. This process brings together all these various elements and disciplines into a single cohesive design for the instrument. The individual approach makes it impossible for me to offer a set of models and precise designs. Every guitar I build is a unique. Each guitar model can serve as a starting point for a new design, or we can start from scratch. Either way the result will be a custom instrument as unique as the customer's vision that guided its construction. There is no limit to our imagination.

David Myka is one of the most exciting custom electric builders I know. His guitars have amazing style, gorgeous woods and killer features. It's great to have something fresh for our customers.
Seattle, WA
John Flannery (Porno For Pyros), Paul Fey, Rob Taylor
Archtop, Falcon, Dragonfly, Classic, Double Cut, Custom, Sungazer
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