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I had this dream for many years, building guitars in the Larson tradition, but where would I start? My background in woodworking and Graphic Design might certainly give me the edge needed, but what an undertaking. My passion for guitars would soon unlock this door. - Tony Klassen

Tony Klassen is the founder of New Era Guitars. Many accomplished players say he is a gifted and unique luthier. Working from his shop in Chesterton, Indiana Tony builds custom guitars inspired by some of his favorite vintage builders, including guitars from the Chicago-based Larson Brothers, Bacon & Day and others. He has built stunning reproductions of Prairie State, Euphonon and Maurer guitars, based on pieces from his own collection.

Tony Klassen of New Era guitars is producing some of the finest Larson Brothers style instruments available today. They really capture the look, feel and tone. No small feat!
Chesterton, Indiana
Stefan Grossman, Henry Kaiser
Euphonon, Prairie State, Django, Barndance
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