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"Noemi began taking guitar lessons at 11 years old, thanks to the transportation of her older brother.While continuing musical studies on her own, she developed a fascination for wood-working which naturally inspired her to begin making guitars. Her passion continued at the F. Juvara Art Institute near San Cataldo where she specialized in furniture making. In 2006 she earned a degree in Industries and Wood Technologies at the University of Padua. In 2008 Noemi participated in preeminent guitar festivals across Italy and Europe including Soave Guitar Festival (Soave, Italy), the Acoustic Guitar Meeting (Sarzana, Italy), the Frankfurt Musik Messe (Frankfurt, Germany).Her encounters with master luthiers and musicians alike catalyzed her passion further and in 2010 she built her first guitar in Michele Della Giustina's workshop. In 2011, Noemi moved to Canada and received instruction the from luthier Sergei De Jonge at his workshop. In five months , she completed the course with De Jonge. She finished both steel and nylon string guitars, worked on her own creations, and further refined her technique and the distinctive style of her instruments. At the end of 2011 she returned to Italy and began exhibiting at national and international fairs. In May of 2012, she exhibited at the 15th annual Acoustic Guitar Meeting in Sarzana, Italy where she also translated guitar making courses by Roy McAlister, Jean Larrivee, Rick Davis and Cat Fox. In July of the same year she also translated and exhibited at The Luthiery Exhibition in Mutignano, Abruzzo. In May of 2013 she returned to exhibit at the 16th annual Acoustic Guitar Meeting in Sarzana, again serving as a translator in the guitar making Courses held by Kevin Ryan and Richard Hoover. Noemi continues to build in her workshop where learning and evolution knows no boundaries."
Noemi has a great sense of style, and her guitars somehow mange to be well-balanced and quite loud at the same time.

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