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Novax Guitars continues to produce innovative instruments that offer improved performance for modern musicians. Master luthier Ralph Novak draws upon his forty years of repair and customizing experience and consults extensively with players to achieve their tonal and aesthetic goals.
Guitars and guitar making have been a passion for Ralph Novak since his early teens, when he received a birthday gift of a guitar at age 14. Intrigued by “how it worked” (as well as the process of learning to play the guitar), he soon began a primitive attempt at “modifying” the Stella acoustic. Soon after, a Zim-Gar electric guitar was acquired and subsequently “modified”… Those first guitars inspired a lifelong love of the guitar as both a musical instrument and an engineering marvel. Ongoing exploration of guitar design and aesthetics over Ralph’s five decade career led to innovations along the way as well as maintaining Ralph’s enthusiasm for the art and craft of guitarmaking.
Eugene, OR
Charlie Hunter
ALL, AX, XR, Expression, Charlie Hunter
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