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Oribe, Jose
Jose Oribe lives in Vista, California with his wife Juanita and their children, Maria and Juan. Their home, in a private community with lakes and trees, is both a home and a workplace, for it is here that the world famous Oribe guitars are created.Like the Oribe guitars, their home, shop and life-style reflect a balance of beauty and function.A childhood plagued with illness and hospitalization created in Jose Oribe the determination to succeed. Realizing he could not excel at traditional sports, he turned his attention to being a master pool player and he succeeded. Later, as a young machinist, he discovered the classical guitar. Becoming proficient as a guitarist, he turned his attention to creating a finer instrument. He combined his technical knowledge of tools and tolerances with determination, self-discipline and sensitivity to produce instruments used worldwide.
Vista, California
The Gran Suprema , The Gran Suprema Bird's-eye Maple, The Gran Flamenco,
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