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"I have always been, for as far long as I can remember, fascinated with wood and music. It all began as a child, by the fireplace of our old house, where my father used to tell me stories in the dark; Lit up with nothing but the dim light of the fire, gently falling asleep by the hearth. Yet, to this day, these moments still remains as some of the best of my young existence. I first picked up a guitar at age 19. The fascination for the instrument was instant. It has been vibrating through my being ever since and has never abandoned me since. This newfound love led me to pack my things and leave my home country of France, back in 2009, to set out on a journey and live out my dream to learn the art of guitar making, at the National School of Lutherie, in Quebec City, from which I graduated in 2013. It is on January 1st, 2014 that I had the pleasure of opening my own workshop and pursue my dream of becoming a luthier."

These instruments are astounding, from the tight, crisp lines to the sonorous, balanced voice.
Quebec, Canada
OM, OO-12, Small OM, Dreadnought, Nylon
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