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The first thing you notice is how they look. A little weird. Strangely geometric. With parallel horns that reach up like arms that want to play you right back. And they do. Because the moment you pick up a Parker guitar, you'll feel its sculpted recesses embrace your torso while its featherweight body gives you effortless access to every note.And when we say every note, we mean every note from visceral, in-your-face electric tones to the warm, juicy harmonies of acoustic. They're all here, in one guitar. The entire spectrum of jaw-dropping, impassioned sounds, just waiting to be transformed into music. Your music. One moment you're playing blistering electric grind. The next - thick, meaty, strum-heavy acoustic. And the next, the two voices are wailing simultaneously, crunching notes that were in your head before you even knew how to spell the word riff.What is this beast? It doesn't look like any other guitar ever made. It doesn't feel like any other guitar ever made. And there is no other guitar, period, that can turn sound into seduction like a Parker guitar.
Mundelein, IL
Fly Guitar, Nitefly, Basses, P-Series, Acoustics, Jazz
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