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Pederson Custom Guitars (formerly Abyss Guitar Co.)

Hello, my name is Kevin L. Pederson, and I own and operate Pederson Custom Guitars (formerly Abyss Guitar Company). My business is located in Forest City, Iowa, in the heartland of America, where hard work and quality were born. I grew up on a farm, and the last thing I ever dreamed I would be was an instrument maker. I thought I was going to farm when I was younger.

But as that dream faded away, and my teen years crept in, I started playing guitar. Back in the day when you only had yourself to worry about, I would practice guitar all day and all night. From putting so much dedication in to my playing in those early years, I think it helped me develop the perseverance it takes to exist in today's world. A good definition of success that I have heard goes like this... "success is when preparation and opportunity meet." Another saying I agree with is... "so many people miss out on opportunity because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."
If I were a philosopher, I think this would be my philosophy: to work hard, be prepared for opportunity and build on the small achievements one step at a time. 
Kevin is an incredibly innovative and well respected builder of both acoustic and electric guitars. He is known for his spectacular inlay and finish work as well as interesting design features like adjustable saddles and necks for better playing and intonation.
Forest City, Iowa
EVA, JM, Modified SJ, MIA, KJV, NSC, NSII, J3, NS3, Drea Armani Jazz, J2 Jazz, NSII Jazz
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    2016 Pederson EVA-UM, Walnut/Sitka

    Out of stock

    Help wanted: this Pederson EVA-UM is having a serious impact on productivity in the office, and needs to find a new home. It is simply too distracting to our staff by the strength of its projection and the clarity across its strings, not to mention its eye-popping good looks. It’s not hard to guess why the Acoustic Guitar Forum voted this the 2016 Guitar Model of the Year.

    Claro Walnut back and sides paired with a Bearclaw Sitka Spruce top, all married to an adjustable neck joint, Florentine Cutaway, and offset soundhole, is the complete package for everything from flatpicked fiddle tunes in standard to fingerstyle soundings from the depths of altered tunings. Kevin Pederson’s striking inlays lance across the back of the neck and ring the offset soundhole in an contemporary asymmetrical mosaic. 20 sparkling EVO gold frets across the fretboard for maximum fret longevity, and both an arm bevel for your right hand and a bevelled Florentine Cutaway for your left. Peterson’s pinless bridge and offset soundhole help maximize the top’s resonance (obvious after the first strum, Kevin’s voicing technique is dialed in for articulate bass and juice-dripping trebles).

    All wrapped up in an Ameritage case and set up to play like butter from mama’s kitchen: the 2016 Pederson EVA-UM.

    SCALE LENGTH 25.6300 in
    NUT WIDTH 1.7500 in
    STRING SPACING 2.2500 in
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    Pederson Custom Guitars (formerly Abyss Guitar Co.) SJ Acoustic Guitar

    Out of stock

    Kevin Pederson has been building custom guitars since 1996 and has more recently stepped into the fine acoustic market. And boy are we glad he did! The beautifully quartered, chocolate East Indian Rosewood and Master Grade Bearclaw Sitka Spruce top are just the tip of the iceberg on this custom Modified SJ. It's easy to see why this guitar made a stir at the Healdsburg Guitar Festival: the custom rosette design, gorgeous segmented spalted maple binding, tasteful carbon burst top, unique soundports, and custom inlay make this one a museum quality instrument. Add to that Kevin's customized saddles and adjustable neck and you have a guitar that doesn't need saddle adjustments. Any action changes can be made by moving the neck up or down, saving you from time consuming and frustrating saddle height adjustments. But when you play it, it gets even better. Position changes are a breeze thanks to the semi-hemispheric fret ends, and Kevin has adapted the Smallman-style bracing to give this one pianistic note separation and great tonal balance and clarity make this one a must have for any collector.

    SCALE LENGTH 25.5000 in
    NUT WIDTH 1.7800 in
    STRING SPACING 2.2200 in
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