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"Every Pellerin guitar begins with a choice of first quality materials. Right from the start, each piece of wood is selected to create a guitar designed to meet our criteria for elegance, comfort, and tone.To reach our standards, we choose to pay attention to every detail that goes into making a Pellerin guitar a unique experience in terms of feel, look, and especially sound."
Michel Pellerin has handcrafted over 200 personally designed signature instruments to date. The potential of these instruments, hold in their essence a sonic grandeur, with rich textural tones and subtle nuances. His consistency in the evolution of his guitars and harp-guitars is recognized by his mentors and now allows him to frequently exchange conceptual ideas with renowned luthiers as Mario Beauregard and Linda Manzer.

Michel has a wonderful sense of line and contour, and his dedication to delicate bracing enables his guitars to be particularly resonant.
Quebec, Canada
Jumbo, Folk, Dreadnought, Grand Auditorium, Small Jumbo, Harp Guitar

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