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Bruce & Matt Petros, father and son luthiers, are dedicated to building some of the finest handmade guitars money can buy. Bruce began building back in 1972 and son Matthew came on board officially in 2000. They concentrate on building lush steel string fingerstyle guitars and powerful dreadnought guitars. Petros guitars feature meticulously crafted pre-stress arched tops. This time-consuming process dramatically increases the strength and stability of the top while enhancing tonal response and volume. All of the braces are pre-shaped and glued on at once in a vacuum jig ensuring a perfect fit to the 30 foot radius workboard. In addition to arching, each top is also graduated and thinned around the edges, not just assembled from a uniformly thicknessed piece right out of the sander. The process of arching and graduating the top creates a guitar which delivers brilliant, sustaining trebles and midranges and a rich, full bass.The overtone structure is balanced over the whole range of the instrument and filled with character. There is the unmistakable sense that the instrument is "alive" as it responds to your hands — a transparent extension of your musical expression. These unique and delightful musical qualities, when combined with a superbly playable neck, create an instrument which will inspire and elevate your music to new and higher levels.The fingerboard alone would elevate a Petros guitar above any production model regardless of cost. The fingerboard is the very heart of the instrument. When an instrument plays great, it sounds great. To produce a fingerboard of this quality requires painstaking handwork far too costly and time consuming to be practical for mass production. It is the result of years of experience on literally hundreds of fret jobs yielding techniques for ensuring truly outstanding action.Materials are chosen for their function as well as their aesthetic appeal. All woods are personally hand-selected and aged for many years in a modern climate-controlled environment.
"I've long been aware of Bruce Petros. We acquired several of his preowned instruments and were so impressed that we had to represent his work. He is simply among the finest luthiers building today. He is widely respected among his peers for his beautiful execution and tasteful details. Everything about Petros guitars is inspiring." - Paul H.
Kaukauna, WI
Laurence Juber, Ric Blair, Macyn Taylor, Richie Furay, Jim Cole, Paul Simon, Mark Stewart (Paul Simon Band)
FS (Fingerstyle), Model GC (Grand Concert), Model D (Dreadnought)