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I was born in Montana in a farming and ranching family – my Dad went off to WWII as a pilot. He didn’t care for the military, but they had really cool airplanes, so he was a fighter pilot thru Korea and Vietnam, where he was shot down. Fighter pilots move around a lot – so my first musical influences were Ray Charles & Gospel music in Georgia 1954. Then England & Germany in the late ‘50’s & early ‘60’s – listening to English blues & The Beatles on Radio Luxembourg. I built guitars as a hobby when I was a Fine Arts student in the late ’60’s thru ’75 when disco hit and live music almost died. I began making knives and because of a martial arts background ended up making my own steel in the Japanese tradition & even shared a shop with a Japanese knife/sword maker named Kuzan Oda. In the early ’90’s the collectors were ruining knife making for people interested in functional designs, so I got back into guitar building full time. I’ve built around 400 guitars, focusing mainly on sound & playability. These are traits that can’t be done by machines & mass production.

Larry doesn't see any boundaries, he's driven by sound and sound alone. Very refreshing and exciting!
Three Forks, Montana
Bonnie Raitt, Keb 'Mo, David Lindley, Martin Simpson
Acoustic Guitars, Solid Body Electrics, Archtop Electrics, Solid Body Baritone Electrics, Aluminum Body Weissenborn, Wood Body Weissenborn
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