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What do Bonnie Raitt, Keb 'Mo & David Lindley have in common? ....They all play Pogreba resonators!Larry Pogreba offers some very original instruments that look and sound like nothing else. His Aluminum body resonators are causing a stir in the music world as top players are finding their sound refreshing and new. The aluminum bodies make for a lighter weight instrument which is a big advantage. His electric guitars feature hot single coil pickups that are coveted by today's musicians.Martin Simpson plays a Pogreba aluminum body resonator and finds it offer many more possibilities than a conventional resonator. It can handle much more than just the blues.
Larry doesn't see any boundaries, he's driven by sound and sound alone. Very refreshing and exciting!
Three Forks, Montana
Bonnie Raitt, Keb 'Mo, David Lindley, Martin Simpson
Acoustic Guitars, Solid Body Electrics, Archtop Electrics, Solid Body Baritone Electrics, Aluminum Body Weissenborn, Wood Body Weissenborn
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