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I make my guitars the old-fashioned way. I make them. By hand. One at a time, with highly figured Brazilian rosewood, koa and mahogany. Each with superior tone, fit and playability. A natural beauty you just can't get in a factory-made instrument. And options like exotic burl, fossil peg head inlays, unique binding and distinctive purfling. If you haven't caught on yet, these aren't the sort of instruments you smash on stage at the end of a show.My guitars aren't for everybody. Truth be told, they're not for many people at all. You see, for most, an assembly line instrument is just fine. But the instruments I make are for people who are looking for something unique. True. Lasting. People who play and play and play. Have an ear for the subtle nuances only a handcrafted instrument can deliver. People who are happiest when there's a pick between their fingers and a guitar in their lap.Jake Robinson
Wellston, Michigan
Daisy May (May Erlewine), Seth Bernard, Stephen Fearing
Parlour, Grand Auditorium, Small Jumbo, Sloped Shoulder Dreadnought
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