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Rodriguez, Thomas
Tom Rodriguez has been building guitars for twenty years. He started out building electric guitars in 1986. Tom became interested in classical and flamenco guitars after working as a repairman in a store specializing in nylon string guitars. In 1995 Tom set out on his own to start Rodriguez Guitars. The response was so overwhelming to his classical guitars that he soon phased out all repair work. Tom Rodriguez handcrafts about fifteen guitars a year in his small studio. His guitars feature dome tops, arched backs, carbon fiber reinforced necks and his own unique asymmetrical lattice bracing. Rodriguez is a self taught luthier drawing inspiration from and working closely with his customers on design to come up with the rare guitar that combines exceptional craftmanship, superb sound and excellent playability.Check out videos of Andrew McEvoy playing Thomas Rodriguez guitars:Bach BWV 995Leyenda
Numerous customers told us about Thomas Rodriguez and when we finally played one we understood. He simply builds one of the absolute finest concert guitars available anywhere. His design ideas, like asymmetrical lattice bracing, are fresh yet traditional and his voice is superb.
Richmond, VA.
Marija Temo, Duo Erato
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