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Rubio, G.V.
German Vazquez Rubio (also known as G.V. Rubio) is one of the most talented and prestigious luthiers in the world today. He has been making guitars for over forty years and has developed his own signature sound that guitarists have come to love.German was born in 1952 in Paracho, Mexico where there is an abundance of fine luthiers (with a few exceptions all of the finest guitars in Mexico come from Paracho). German's first formal training began at eleven years old when he left school to help support his seven siblings and work for his uncle Manuel Rubio at his work shop. There even at his young age he made a conscious effort to make guitar building his life's work. In 1968 at the age of sixteen he made his first concert level guitar (hence his label reads “desde 1968”). German has since been able to learn from many different master builders such as Felix Manzanero, Jose Romanillos and Thomas Humphrey.German now resides in Los Angeles, California where he works out of his shop. He is a very quiet and humble person with an insatiable work ethic. He makes several different models and believes that “the guitarist is always right” and will custom make each guitar to the preference of the customer. His workshop is always open to the public so you can see him working on your guitar at every stage of construction. German is also available for guest lectures and lessons at his shop in Los Angeles.
Los Angeles, California
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