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Schwartz, Sheldon
In 1992 I decided to pursue a full-time career in guitar building. Not having any real training, I enrolled in David Freeman's guitar building course at Timeless Instruments. That's where I built my first acoustic guitar. Shortly after the course I rented a space in a cabinetmaker's shop and built three more acoustic guitars. My next shop was in the basement of my house. I was there for four or five years before having to get a bigger space. In April of 2002, I moved into my new shop. This is an 1800 sq. ft. building, built specifically for guitar making. I hired an engineer to do the architectural drawings to my specs. Its very well insulated and provides an extremely stable climate for guitar building. I have north facing windows, which I have found to be the best light to work in and a clean room with a finishing area. I've got a lot of space... at least for now.
Michael Chapdelaine, Erik Mongrain,Trevor Gordon Hall, Billy McLaughlin, Masa Sumide, Steve Davison, Canadian Guitar Festival Competition Winner Justin St. Pierre, JJ Coolidge, and Blind Doc Lightnen Cummings
Advanced Auditorium,Pinnacle Fingerstyle, Oracle Fingerstyle
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