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"A well made guitar can make a world of difference in how well you play. Even more, it can make a world of difference in how well the guitar plays you!" - Jason Simpson"It is my belief that God has placed a bit of His creative nature in all of us! As a luthier, it's my desire to build instruments that will spark and ignite that creativity within. A fine guitar should be a pleasure to hear, play and see. It should be liberating not confining. When you can sit and play for hours and still want to keep going, you got something special. For most, the tone is where inspiration begins! Players and builders alike have many wonderful opinions on what actually makes a guitar sound great. To me, 'Great tone' includes: good volume, ringing sustain, clear separation between notes, even balance, pleasant overtones, strong presence, depth and character. I personally feel that good tone begins with a good design. For example, no matter how nice the tonewoods, how well it's put together or how beautiful it may be, if the design is flawed from the start, it will be heard and seen in the final product. Second, design should be followed by quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and meticulous assembly. A guitar must be built to perform tonally, but also with integrity to endure a lifetime. Finally, throw in finest materials money can buy and look out! You'll have a partner for life. It is my desire to work with you to build the guitar you've always dreamed of!" - Jason Simpson"Jason Simpson is an example of the fine young luthiers that are appearing these days. I look forward to his future work." - Martin Simpson
Henderson, Texas
Mike Weaver, Roger Hardin
Grand Auditorium, S Class, Jumbo