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Coming from a design and film background, I am driven by instruments that are not only sonically viable, but interesting and unique aesthetically. A long-time rock climber, my passion for the stone and natural world around me finds its way into my craft. I bridge time-tested method with new technique and thought to make player-focused, intimate guitars. Foregoing a traditional soundhole, my side-soundport guitars direct the sound up towards, rather than away from the player. The result is an experience unlike any other guitar you have played. The player is just "in it"... Rewarded, while the forward projection to the room is not penalized in the least. When you purchase a Skytop Guitar, you will take the journey with me as your guitar is built and documented every step of the way. I help to guide every client through the build process and encourage feedback while including him or her in every step. You will see your instrument take form... from a dream and a stack of flat wood, your instrument will come to life. I look forward to the journey together. Eric Weigeshoff - Luthier
New Paltz, NY
Mod-P, Grand Concert, Auditorium
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