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 Mr. Sloane grew up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan with a grandmother who masqueraded as a gypsy and told fortunes, and at the Hebrew Orphan Asylum. Starting in high school, he earned money lettering signs, a skill he eventually developed into a career in commercial art.

In his off hours he would play classical, folk and flamenco music on the guitar, his son said. While taking a walk one day in the early 1950's, he peered into the window of John D'Angelico, a renowned guitar maker, and discovered a way to unite his loves of craft and music.

Working at home over a period of 15 years, he devised techniques to build a good guitar. In ''Classical Guitar Construction,'' in 1966, he outlined the steps. In ''Guitar Repair'' (1973) he taught how to fix them. ''Steel String Guitar Construction'' and ''Making Musical Instruments'' were his final two books. All four were published by Dutton.

Manhattan, New York
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