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Martin Simpson has been playing a Somogyi for a while now and has recently recorded his Somogyi Jumbo on his CD Bramble Briar which won 2 BBC radio awards in 2002.Ervin Somogyi makes five main models of acoustic steel string guitars: dreadnought, "modified dreadnought" or Mod-D, jumbo, OM or 000 and OO models. He also makes classic and flamenco nylon string guitars and many other custom instruments with unusual features such as fanned fret fingerboards, tapered bodies, double heads, etc.
Somogyi guitars have the one characteristic we always look for in instruments that we offer - a unique voice. It is no small matter to create a guitar that has a character all its own. Ervin Somogyi's instruments do.
Oakland, California
Martin Simpson
Jumbo, Modified Dreadnought, Dreadnought, OM, 00, 000, Classical, Flamenco