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I studied art and pottery in my youth as well as studying music and classical guitar. I have fond memories of sitting in my father’s workshop after school – he was a bespoke cabinet maker – talking away as he quietly worked. These elements then led me to study Guitar Making at The London College of Furniture after which in 1983 I set up my first workshop in Nottingham. I specialised, at that time, in making historical guitars especially the then much neglected guitars of the early 19th century. I was at the forefront of revitalising interest in these instruments through my research, restorations, drawings, talks and work as a copyist. I am pleased to see I have helped create a thriving enthusiasm for the early European romantic guitar. Designing guitars and developing them has always been close to my hear
Northumberland, England
Frank Bungarten, David Starobin, Pascal Fricke, James Kline
A Series, Historical Copies - Hauser 1, Torres, Panormo, Stauffer, Lacote, Scherzer 10 String Guitar
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