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Of the numerous careers I've had, this one has probably been the most satisfying.  I'm always looking forward to the moment when I can play the first few notes on a newly built instrument  - to find out what it sounds like, how it plays and to welcome it to the family.  Over the years I've learned something about what to expect from a given combination of woods, pickups etc., but every new instrument still holds a surprise, promises new discoveries.

...As much as I enjoy making a "traditional" instrument out of the finest "tonewoods", I also love making instruments which push the boundaries and open new possibilities to musicians willing to explore and expand the scope of their music.  To me the prime quality of "tone" is not its more or less successful replication of some previous tonal fingerprint.  It is the richness, definition, liveliness, transparency and balance present in the sound of the instrument.  And even though each of my instruments has its own tonal identity, they all share these qualities and will offer them to the musician willing to listen.

Michael Spalt is a true artist. He has a rare ability to make extremely satisfying musical tools that also provide food for the soul. We all know how joyful it is to own a guitar that you can't wait to pick up everyday, can't wait to feel and can't wait to hear. That is what Michael does.
Los Angelese and Austria
Henry Kaiser, John Cale
All, Totem/Resin Tops, Hybrids, s & s/486, vViper
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