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Stark, Daniel

 Science and theoretical understanding are the basis of my work. Openness to modern materials and new construction methods and work is an important point. Respect for tradition and the influence of one's own person standing on the other side.

Good ideas are not planned, but can be filtered out by methodological review. Just out this creative tension leads to new approaches and ways to create instruments with character and expression.

About the measuring and weighing the individual components, particularly the ceiling, I got a high reproducibility of the results. Through targeted individual experiments and small variations I am looking for each other, the optimal tuning of the individual elements for each model.

Born in 1981 in Oldenburg 2000 - 2001 Internship at Stephan Schlemper (Worpswede), construction of the first classical guitar 2002 - 2006 studies at the College of Musical Instruments, Mark Neukirchen at A. Gropp and C. Sembdner (degreegraduate - Musical Instrument Maker ) 2004 Start of independence, exhibitions etc. 2005 First sold guitars to musicians concertante
Jazz, Classic, Concert Double Top, Stereo

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