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True North (Dennis Scannell)
I am an MIT graduate and master woodworker who has played and worked on guitars since the early 1970s. In 1994 I established my lutherie business, focusing on high quality steel-string guitars for fingerstyle players favoring altered tunings. My work has now evolved to encompass all styles of playing, both flatpick and fingerstyle, in standard and open tunings. I have been a member of the Association of String Instrument Artisans (ASIA) since 1994 and the Guild of American Luthiers (GAL) since 1995, the same year I studied under Charles Fox at the American School of Lutherie. Since then I attended numerous ASIA Symposia and GAL Conventions, refined my technique through master classes and further study of individual aspects of guitar making, developed my inventory of master quality tonewoods and materials, completed my guitar studio in northern Vermont, and made guitar making my full time profession. I am totally committed to building the most advanced instrument possible. I love what I do, and I would be honored to work closely with you to design and build your dream instrument.
My journey into guitar making began when I bought my first book on the subject back in 1971. At the same time I started a career in high end woodworking, which included sophisticated custom cabinetry which flowed around walls, freestanding spiral staircases, artist studios, creative store spaces, etc. During my woodworking career I created many happy customers and developed a reputation among other woodworkers as "the man with the Angstrom-unit tape measure". In addition to my custom cabinetry and design work, for several years I ran a crew of talented finish carpenters for a custom design/build company specializing in unique high end passive solar homes with unusually complex details. In addition to my woodworking experience, I also have over fifteen years of experience as a product engineer and product manager for a semiconductor equipment company (where my products DID actually operate with submicron precision) and in both product management and program management for a renewable energy company.
Waterbury, VT
Super Parlor, Compact Jumbo, Grand Concert, Grand Auditorium
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