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I've known Joe Veillette for years and I've always had tremendous respect for his work and particularly for his willingness to push the boundaries and come up with fresh designs that result in serious tools for music. He has probably done as much as any luthier with regard to the development of the wide variety of scale lengths, numbers of strings and unique instrument configurations that are now almost common place. We are very exciting to be offering Joe's guitars including his Gryphon High 12, Baritones, Bari 12s and acoustic electric models.
Woodstock, New York
James Taylor, Dave Matthews, David Lindley, Ani DiFranco, Tom Chapin, Jorma Kaukonen, Kaki King, John Sebastion, Billy Sheehan, Jill Sobule, Jai Utal, Mike Gordon (Phish), John Mayer, John Sebastian, Vince Gill
Gryphon High 12, Baritone 12, Studio Standard, Grand Standard
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