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Tony Vines has been building guitars for nearly 15 years. After many years of research Tony has fine tuned what he believes to be one of the finest handmade guitars available today. All guitars are hand made one at a time using materials that produce the finest aesthetics and tone possible for each individual customer. All parts are made in house to achieve total control and consistency.After building many different body styles, Tony chooses to produce what he believes to be the most versatile guitar of them all, The Artisan Grand Concert. This is a deep, 15 inch body guitar that produces balanced frequency response for all the strings. The Artisan Grand Concert also utilizes a 25.7 scale length and a high gloss, hand rubbed finish. The low neck profile along with the 25.7 scale length makes these guitars a "dream" to play.
Guitar making is a rewarding expression of art and craftsmanship. Talking about guitars and the process of guitar making is always a joy and pleasure. After nearly 30 years, my passion for tone and artistry is expressed in every hand-crafted guitar I create. Being a musician myself, I have spent a lot of time playing and recording my own guitars. This musicians perspective has been the single most influential force in my guitar making career. The unmistakable playability and voice of the ARTISAN CX and Colorado models are a reflection of my artistry as both a craftsman and musician. After thirty years I am more excited about guitar making than ever, and I invite you to experience Tony Vines Guitars. Blessings, Tony
Kingsport, Tennessee
Tom Bass, Tad Laven, Kurt Mitchell
Bella, Artisan Grand Concert
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