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Voyage-Air Guitar specializes in building only the highest quality acoustic and electric stringed instruments. We take pride in our skilled production and service staff, well educated and experienced sales people, and of course our product line: The world's first and only full-size acoustic and electric instruments that fold-in-half! Our belief is that every player should be able to take their guitar wherever their music takes them. We also believe that traveling with a guitar shouldn't be an obstacle or require someone to down grade their instrument just to be able to carry it with them. Our guitars are performance level instruments designed with the built-in versatility every player deserves. The Voyage-Air Guitar is truly The Future of Guitar Travelâ„¢.
I've been excited about Voyage since I saw the first prototypes. As a motorcyclist, horseman and hiker I've tried many types of travel guitars but have never been satisfied. Now I have a full size wood guitar I can play anywhere.... and I do...
Livermore, CA
Todd Hallawell, Brad Paisely, Thom Bresh and many more
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