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Walker, Kim

My goal as a professional guitar maker is to live well. By this I do not mean first and foremost making a lot of money! What I do mean is that I try to do my work with honor. That means honoring those people who came before me and those that are continuing the tradition of fine luthiery. It is also important to me to have an honorable relationship with those that I do business.

My designs are more evolutionary than they are revolutionary. My flat top designs are mostly influenced by C. F. Martin’s classic pre-war period with a bit of Gibson from the 30's, 40's and 50's. I then add a modern neck to the formula and finish them with a beautiful varnish. I build flat tops in a variety of sizes and shapes. Each of my guitars is tap tuned to meet the requirements of string gauge and playing style. I am interested in building guitars with great tone, power and dynamics.

Kim Walker has earned a well deserved reputation as a premier builder of vintage inspired instruments. Every one I play is compelling and special.
North Stonington, CT
00, 000, OM, Dread