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I have spent the past ten years working at my chosen craft as a guitar builder and have built nearly 700 acoustic instruments for my customers worldwide. I hope this website will provide my customers; past, present, and future with a taste of what I build, and assist them in choosing an instrument that will provide a lifetime of satisfaction.By combining hand craftsmanship with the precision and repeatability of computer controlled machinery, I build over 100 instruments per year with one assistant. Vital tasks such as brace carving, neck fitting, and inlaying abalone are performed entirely by hand. Routine tasks like neck carving and roughing out bridges are efficiently performed by a computer controlled router. The designing and programming are done by me. This combination of old and new technologies allows me to build guitars that are precise, consistent and reliable while still remaining affordable. The instruments are constructed in a humidity controlled environment which results in a stable and crack resistant guitar. My workshop is an 800 square foot studio located in North Vancouver, British Columbia. The guitars are sold through a network of dealers throughout North America. About 30 percent of my work is custom ordered, while the remainder is built for dealer stock. My guitars tend to be modern versions of traditional shapes, braced and built with my own techniques and patterns. I prefer to rely on the natural beauty of the woods rather than use excessive ornamentation and I employ natural materials whenever possible.
North Vancouver, British Columbia
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