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Peggy White
Peggy White's Guitars
Peggy White is a builder based in Almonte, a small town in eastern Ontario, Canada. She belongs to a vibrant community of artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and like-minded souls. Peggy grew up in a musical family and has herself been a musician most of her life, a singer/songwriter whose main instrument is the acoustic guitar. She realizes the importance of how the guitar feels in the hands of a player and how it should feel like an extension of that player. Her acute ear for music has been an extraordinary asset to her being the guitar builder she is today, and it's that ear that helps her in choosing and optimizing each piece of wood she works with.

Peggy's training began with Sergei de Jonge and from there she had the rare good fortune to apprentice with renowned builder, Linda Manzer for three years. Her last formal training was with Michel Pellerin in Quebec, Canada. This final stage of training is where Peggy honed her craft to produce her current, contemporary sound. Her craftsmanship is precise, careful, and methodical, producing exceptionally beautiful instruments.
Newfoundland, Canada
Premier, OM, Parlour, Soprano, Flattop Mandolin

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