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My name is Ben Wilborn, and I build fine acoustic instruments in Reno, Nevada. I specialize in smaller-bodied steel string acoustic guitars, but I also build the occasional Dreadnought-style guitar. I tend to make very lightly built, simply appointed guitars with an emphasis on extremely refined details and a powerful, balanced sound.I use only the finest grades of wood, hardware, and finishing materials. Unlike a factory or production-minded luthier, I personally select, plane to thickness, cut, assemble and finish every part on every one of my guitars.This means that I personally perform every aspect of an instrument’s construction, and can respond to any variables in the process and materials. The result is a truly custom instrument, one which has been thoughtfully and dynamically built to maximize every aspect of its character, from tailblock to headstock.I am a lifelong stringed instrument player. I’ve been playing as long as I can remember. I graduated from Berklee College of Music with a film composition degree. I then spent more than a decade as a full time musician, touring and recording as a bandleader and a sideman. Plus a number of years as a fine cabinetmaker. Which is why I’m now a luthier!I have spent my whole life listening closely to guitars, mandolins and violins, always searching for that special quality that makes an instrument demand to be played. I have studied a zillion instruments, held them in my hands, listening to the way they respond to my fingertips, their weight and balance, the way they reflect sounds in a room. It is my passion as a builder to create instruments that can respond intimately to a player’s intention, and become as much an extension of the body as a beautiful tool for the creation of music.
Reno, Nevada
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