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Part of what inspired me to build guitars is the greatness of the instruments that already exist, the other part is what was missing for me? I couldn't quite fall in love. I hope that in my instruments you will find something extraordinary to fall in love with."Kathy WingertKathy's commitment is to build individual instruments to the highest possible standards using the best materials available and never take any shortcuts. To her, building individual instruments means taking the extra time to make the most of each instrument, bringing out its own voice. Building this way takes a tremendous amount of time but the results are worth it.A standard Kathy Wingert Guitar is built with fine materials individually selected for tone, structure, and beauty, these materials are then worked into instruments of quality that reflect their beginnings.
Rancho Palos Verdes, California
Stephen Bennett, Pat Kirtley, Steve Kaufman, Cosy Sheridan
All including our exclusive Dream Series Guitars