Dream Guitars offers you the best opportunity to sell your guitar fast, and with no hassle. Our loyal international clientele depends on us to provide them with the finest instruments in the world. These are active buyers of high-end instruments, who trust the Dream Guitars name. They visit our site daily because they know we deliver on our promise to only offer the best.

We offer numerous advantages over other shops:

  1. No one does more to market your guitar than Dream Guitars. This gives us a distinct advantage in the marketplace.

  2. We have built one of the most popular and extensive guitar websites in the world. We receive over 25,000 unique visitors every week

  3. When your guitar arrives, it is thoroughly cleaned, restrung, and the set-up is tweaked to perfection.  After a detailed inspection, your guitar moves on to the multimedia phase, where it is carefully and professionally photographed. That’s only the beginning. Next we record your guitar being played by one of our staff players, owner Paul Heumiller or Grammy Award winning guitarist Al Petteway. This insures that your instrument’s true voice can be heard as it is meant to be.

  4. We also create a new web page for each instrument. From there potential buyers can review the photos, listen to the audio recording, and watch a High Definition movie of your instrument being played. Dream Guitars promotes your guitar in many other ways too. Each video is uploaded to our immensely popular YouTube channel. We also list your instrument on Reverb, and promote it through social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as popular guitar forums.

  5. Many of our valued clients are on the DreamCatcher Watchlist waiting for specific guitars to arrive. If your instrument matches their request, we notify them of its availability the instant it arrives.

  6. And the biggest reason to work with Dream Guitars, our staff , at Dream Guitars we are all players. We live, eat, and breathe guitars. Musicians from all over the globe come to us for our knowledge, honesty, and experience.

3 Steps To Consign Your Instrument

Our consignment commission rates are as follows:

Up to $14,999 — 25%

$15,000 to $29,999 — 20%

$30,000 to $49,999 — 18%

$50,000 to $74,999 — 15%

$75,000 and higher — 12%

The commission is deducted from the proceeds upon the sale of the instrument.

There is a Multimedia Fee per instrument of $100 for modern guitars and $150 for vintage instruments built prior to 1960, which require in depth inspection and appraisal. The Multimedia Fee covers cleaning, restringing, minor setup, recording by one of our professional players, photography, movie and web page creation, listing on and, hosting of your instrument on our YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media and forum coverage. This fee is due prior to listing and is not refundable.

1. Contact us to send you a consignment agreement electronically
2. Make your check for the Multimedia Fee payable to Dream Guitars, Inc.
3. Place the check in the case with your guitar, pack it according to our packing tips and ship it to us at Dream Guitars, 59 Azalea Drive, Weaverville, NC 28787. IMPORTANT: Please insure your guitar. If you’re sending any payments separately, please send them to PO Box 1989 Fletcher, NC 28732.

Also, we can make shipping easy for you. If you have the packing material you need we can email you a Fedex Label, ground is $110 and Overnight is $220 with full insurance. If you need boxes and packing material that is $75 for ground per box.

We make selling high-end instruments simple and easy.