Dream Guitars offers the highest quality stringed instrument repair for instruments. With our knowledge and experience with high-end instruments, no one is better qualified to help you care for your collection. We offer a premium alternative to your local repair person. If you live in an area that does not offer quality repair or simply want the best, send your instrument to us.

What makes the Dream Guitars Repair Shop unique is the combined knowledge and experience of Paul Heumiller and Ken Jones. As the owner of Dream Guitars, Paul has played more guitars then most people on the planet, and has a keen understanding of modern and vintage guitars alike. Ken is a sculptor, metal worker, and guitar maker with an eye for the details and the patience of a saint. Both Ken and Paul agree: restoring instruments to their peak playability is an important charge, one they both take seriously.


Our repair staff and 3000 sq. ft. facility is headed up by Ken Jones. Jones builds stringed instruments in beautiful Candler, NC under the name Mountain Song Guitars. He specializes in custom, hand-built acoustic guitars and mandolins, as well as the repair and restoration of fine acoustic instruments. He also offers individualized guitar building instruction ranging from one day workshops targeting specific aspects of the construction process, to long-term courses covering the entire guitar-building process from wood selection all the way through to final setup. Ken is a proud member of The Guild of American Luthiers.



Master Luthier Bill Tippin of Marblehead, MA also handles everything from major restorations to finish work. In addition to building fine custom guitars, Bill Tippin has a love for repair and restoration work and over 25 years of experience. Considered one of the very best in the business, we are delighted to have Bill’s talents to offer our clients.

It may seem extravagant to ship an instrument for repair. But it can actually save you money as opposed to having poor repair work done which can seriously impact value, tone, and playability. We’ve seen wonderful instruments rendered worthless by neglect and improper repairs. Our shop includes all the tools to build and repair as well as a finish spray booth in order to be your one-stop service center.

We’ve made shipping extremely simple. We’ll arrange for Fedex to pickup and return your instrument. We have also arranged for the lowest possible shipping & insurance rates so everyone can have access to top notch repair no matter where you reside. We can even send you a box and packing material.

Working with Dream Guitars is safe and easy. The process is simple:

  1. Send us detailed information about your instrument and the problem(s) you are experiencing. Also send digital photos if you can and be sure to include your contact information.
  2. We’ll send a recommendation and an estimate based on your information. This will include an estimated return date.
  3. If you approve, we’ll help arrange the shipping of your instrument. Upon receipt we’ll inspect it and provide you with a final repair estimate.
  4. If you approve, we’ll complete the work and get your instrument back to you in a timely manner.

Contact us with any questions regarding our repair service.