We are happy to consider trades towards the purchase of most of our instruments.

We try to be open and upfront and we’re the first to acknowledge that, due to the cost of investing money in the trade until it’s sold and assuming other risks, such as market changes etc., trades usually will not yield the highest return for your instruments.

That being said, trading does have its advantages. It allows you to utilize the value of your current instrument immediately. It can make it possible to purchase that special guitar that you’ve been searching for, before it’s sold to someone else. When you consider the costs in time and money of advertising and selling an instrument yourself, trading often makes the most sense. Trading also eliminates the frustration and potential loss associated with inconsiderate, untruthful, and possibly unscrupulous buyers.

We are experts at valuing instruments and make every attempt to determine fair trade values.
Our focus is on developing and maintaining long term relationships with our customers, not on one single transaction.

Occasionally, we also purchase instruments outright, but this too will not yield the highest return for your instruments.

If you are considering a trade towards one of our instruments, or would like to discuss an outright Dream Guitars purchase of your instrument, please call us at (828) 658-9795.