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Peppino D’Agostino – Turin, Italy
Visiting Dream Guitars it’s a unique experience. I’ve never seen so many beautiful and great sounding guitars in one place. Paul and his staff are very enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable about the many instruments that are on display.  If you are in Weaverville, North Carolina don’t miss the opportunity to visit them…is truly worth it.
David Holt – Fairview, NC
If you are part of the 11 Step Guitar Recovery program (one more guitar and you’ll be cured), then you will literally be in a waking dream when you visit Paul’s shop.  Great instruments abound at Dream Guitars, each one exquisite with its own personality and soulfulness.  I have bought and sold guitars (and banjos) with Paul and I really appreciate his team’s honesty and knowledge.  I live close by so I have to be extra careful ’cause all I need is just one more.
David Wilcox – Asheville, NC
“It’s like going to Vegas, you come back broke, but you are Happy!”
Toby Walker – New York
“Here’s my Dream:Paul Heumiller pulls up in his car, rolls down his window and calls out – ‘Hey there kid, wanna see a land where the finest vintage guitars sit beside beautiful, modern instruments, all just waiting to be picked up and played? Where you can relax, take your time and get lost in the sound of each one and possibly take one home with you? Just get in and I’ll take you there.’Paul can kidnap me anytime. His place is WAY better than any candy store!! He is the Willie Wonka of the ultimate guitar shop… Dream Guitars.”
Beppe Gambetta – New Jersey
Never visit Dream Guitars if you are in a hurry. I was there  just once and I had a really hard time to leave because of the overwhelming quality and beauty of every single instrument.  What I appreciate the most is the strong personality and knowledge that Paul Heumiller expresses in his choices, not only choosing the highest makers in the field, and a fantastic selection of vintage instruments, but also giving space to new incredible builders who need to be discovered. I’ll come back with plenty of time, you should do the same if you like to visit the best collection of independent makers and vintage guitars on the planet.
Loren & Mark
Dream Guitars is our favorite guitar shop – not only do they have the best range of quality instruments on offer, but they are also the nicest and most knowledgeable people to work with. Make sure you have plenty of time if you visit them in person – you won’t want to leave the store!
Clive Carroll – UK
I just witnessed Dream Guitars in Asheville NC. What a staggering collection. Vintage instruments I’d always wanted to try – guitars by contemporary luthiers we read about – exotic masterpieces – they had the lot. I soon realised that manager, Paul Heumiller knew every detail of every guitar right down to the bridge pins, he is an authority on historical instruments and he plays himself. All presented in a friendly atmosphere, and after about 5 cups of tea, I was forced to leave the showroom thanks to Asheville airport. I may have to change my flight details next time!
The Asheville Classical Guitar Society (ACGS) – Asheville, NC
This dark colored hardwood offers a warm, rich tone with excellent reverb.
Mary Flower, Blues Guitar Goddess – Portland, OR
Imagine of a place that rounds up the most desirable handmade guitars from all over the world…a place with an inventory that way surpasses any guitar store you’ve ever visited. We can all thank Paul at Dream Guitars for making it a reality.
Tony McManus, Celtic Guitarist Extraordinaire
Dream Guitars has the finest collection of luthier built instruments I’ve ever seen in one location. Paul Heumiller works closely with the greatest luthiers on the planet to bring an amazing resource to the guitar community. His involvement in my recent album- he supplied and set up the guitars- was a bit like a dream to me!
Todd Hallawell, Fingerpicking Champion
When I first met Paul, I had no idea he sold guitars. After a show, he invited me up to his house and one by one Paul started pulling out all these incredible instruments for me to try. It was by far the best collection of acoustic guitars I’d ever played. It’s no surprise that Dream Guitars® has grown to become one of the best sources for high-end guitars on the planet. Highly recommended!
Al Petteway, Grammy Winning Recording Artist – North Carolina
Having worked behind the scenes at Dream Guitars® for a couple of years now, I can safely say that Paul, Joe, and Kim are absolutely the best at what they do. They are honest and extremely knowledgeable about the instruments they sell. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a quality new, preowned, or vintage instrument. You won’t find this combination of talent anywhere else on the planet and I feel extremely lucky that they are here in my own backyard.
Pete Huttlinger, Recording Artist/Fingerstyle Champion
Dream Guitars® is one of the finest acoustic guitar shops I know of. All the instruments are high quality and Paul is extremely knowledgeable about each and every one in the store.
Craig Fuller, Founding member of Pure Prairie League and former member of Little Feat
This store is where all us guitar players go to when we fall asleep and end up in heaven!