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Audirac, Gerard
Stringed-instrument maker of classical guitars between 1976 and 2007, I created everything that was possible within the traditional framework.That was baroques, romantic, classical guitars, 6, 7, 8, and 10 strings.I had reached the limits of “tradition” and the desire for the old fruitless yoke (shackles) to explode was boiling inside me.After long years seeking and discovering (1995) my research succeeded in December 2006 at last. And it is in 2007 that I finally took a rest. I was able to reconsider my approach of the guitar and get access to basic data on instrumental acoustic.New horizons opened and I was able to conceive new instruments... as well as to decide to become a stringed-instrument maker “on the ground”. Adventure goes on and I have no intention to live off there...thus “to be followed”... “I'm back!â€

Gerard Audirac creates truly unique instruments that serve the musician. His Grande model is extremely powerful and lovely.
La Selle-sur-le-Bied, France
Roland Dyens
Conservatoire Double Mouth, Grande, Concert
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