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Bill works in his shop located in the beautiful New England town of Marblehead. Bill has one of the largest selections of wood that we've seen at a shop, allowing for very unique combinations of woods from his top notch supply. Tippin builds guitars in a variety of body shapes, each of which has crisp high-end sizzle and full controlled bass. Tippin guitars possess the rare ability to handle fingerstyle, strumming and flatpicking duties in a wide array of musical styles.
Bill Tippin is one of our true master builders who offers a voice that's founded in the great american guitars of the past but with fresh ideas all his own. The quality of the craftsmanship and attention to detail is second to none. Bill's trademarks are outstanding tonewoods, handmade perflings, and abundant natural wood beauty. His tone is defined by full, rich treble strings; warm, balanced bass response and wonderful energy.
Marblehead, MA
Peter Janson, Al Petteway, Martin Simpson, Henrik Bridger
Dream Series, Staccato (0 size), Crescendo (000), OM, Bravado (SJ), Baritone