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Brandt, Greg
In 1977, I found a book in the library on classical guitar makers, and it occurred to me: people, not machines, build guitars! I had been playing from the time I was a kid and I thought it would be fun to play a guitar that I made, so I built one for myself. Of course I never thought I would make another one after it! Since then I have studied the craft of lutherie, and found an unexpected passion and career.For more than 30 years I have specialized in the construction of nylon stringed guitars. My instruments have been played by many highly respected musicians, in many genres, including classical, jazz, and contemporary. They have been played on numerous recordings and on many motion picture soundtracks including "Goodfellas," "The Straight Story," "Blade Runner," "Field of Dreams," "Godfather 3," "Seabiscuit," and "The Mexican."
North Hollywood, California
Laurence Juber, Tommy Tedesco, John Pisano, Joe Jewell, George Doering, Jim Hershman, Barry Zweig, Jim Fox, Michael Kudirka, Elizabeth Busch, Diane Hubka
Concert Classical, 7-String
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