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Kerry Char is a custom builder from Portland, OR. He is known for his wonderful Ukuleles, Harp Guitars and six string Guitars. 

"I've always had a fascination (some might say obsession) with acoustic instruments since the first time I picked one up.  I find them to be the perfect blend of art, craft, and function – all in one beautiful sounding object!  After 25  years of building and repairing instruments, that core fascination is still a driving force in my work." - Kerry Char

Kerry Char is a luthier based in Portland, Oregon. With more than 30 years experience in crafting and restoring stringed instruments, Kerry brings to his craft an unparalleled dedication to the art of guitar and ukulele, making. Specializing in the repair and restoration of vintage and classic stringed instruments he brings a meticulous care to each project, understanding the unique story and value that such instruments carry. It is also this work that inspires his custom production, which is reflected in the bespoke guitars and ukuleles he makes.

I was introduced to Kerry through a mutual friend and builder James Condino. James simply said that Kerry builds some of the best Harp guitars and Ukes out there and he's right. They are fabulous.
Portland, OR
All, Soprano Ukuleles, Concert Ukulele, Tenor Ukulele, Baritone Ukulele, Harp Guitars, Six String Guitar, Classical & Flamenco Guitars
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