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Delgado, Tomas
Tomas Delgado was born April 15, 1969. He is the eldest son of Candelario Delgado (1944-1996) and grandson of Porfirio Delgado (1910-2000). Tomas learned by example spending his childhood by the side of his father and grandfather. He witnessed first hand the daily commitment it took to create guitars and run the business. Spending that much time at the shop had its perks. Through his upbringing, Tomas was able to meet many of his musical heroes. Artists feel at home when they come to the shop. This was no accident. The shop was designed to be a place for everyone to escape. For Tomas, it was home. Tomas took over Candelas after the passing of his father, becoming its 3rd generation luthier. Nostalgic for the guitar he built when he was 11, Manuel came to work for Tomas and apprenticed for five years. Looking to stand on his own, Manuel decided to move on and create his own path. Each guitar handmade by Tomas continues the family tradition of using the finest woods and highest construction standards. This allows him to produce standard or custom instruments that are rich in tone, beauty, and soul. To learn more about Tomas Delgado and Candelas in the present day, please click here or above on Tomas Delgado.
Boyle Heights, CA
Jose Feliciano, Charo, Kim Deal
Classical, Flamenco
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