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When Maurice Dupont was at primary school, his best friend's father had a boat-building yard at Saujon, in Charente Maritime. The two boys often spent their spare time there and discoveres that extraordinary material which is wood. The father also made wooden model planes. On moving to Cognac at the age of 12, with boats no longer available to him, Maurice started to build his own small-scale planes. At that time, remote controls did not exist; it was free-flight and he had to run after the planes to recover them - when possible ! During the same period he played rugby (continuing, in fact, to the age of 30), a game which helped him to develop a sense of team spirit.passionate about machines, he had a fun repairing the family toys and bikes before moving on to motorized bicycles. At secondary school he chose a career in technology, and later began a course in construction engineering at the Engineering Faculty of the Bordeaux IUT, the University Institute. Whilst there, he discovered the craft of stringed-instrument making and decided to take it up. By the age of 17 Maurice had built a dulcimer and, at 18, an electric guitar from instructions in a DIY magazine.Because there was no school teaching the techniques of stringed instruments making, and as he was too old by then to go to Mirecourt, the string quartet school, the alternatives were either to study abroad or teach himself. He decided to go to Paris where Jacques Favino, George Brassens's guitar maker, opened his workshop to him. Through observation, Maurice learnt a great deal from Favino, whilst his son, Jean-Pierre, advised Maurice tu study cabinet making; this he did in the Vendée.Now qualified, Maurice made a hurdy-gurdy which he swowed to the manufacturer CAMAC in Nantes and was taken on there as a musical instrument maker. In 1981, he settled in Boutiers, near Cognac in the Charente, in a 500sq ft building. From the beginning, he devoted himself principally to making guitars, but also repaired all types of instruments. Little by little, he started to sell his work and began to employ staff. Concentrating on classical guitars he paid particular attention to the wood-working side, but at the same time sought the best sound quality. This constant search for quality later led him to work with Roland Dyens and Roberto Aussel. In 1989, Maurice Dupont received the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France - Best French Craftsperson - for the production of a classical guitar.
Maurice Dupont has long been one of the most respected luthiers in France and one of the first contemporary makers to specialize in producing the Selmer Maccaferri guitar. Maurice first gained recognition as a builder of classical guitars and in 1989 was bestowed with the honor of “Best French Craftsman.” Maurice was an apprentice of the legendary Gypsy guitar maker Jacques Favino, and in 1986 he began building his own Selmer style guitars which quickly became the most popular choice of professional Gypsy guitarists. Countless Gypsy stars including Raphael Fays, Biréli Lagrène, Tchavolo Schmitt, and Romane have played Dupont guitars which appear on hundreds of recordings.
Cognac - FRANCE
Arnaud Vial, Mike Reinhardt, Olivier Louvel, Jules Box, Michel Gentils, Romane, Vaguement la Jungle, Jean Paul Albert, Raphaël Faÿs, Gigi Fouquet, Saul, Claude Langlois, Patrick Saussois, Swing D'O , Benoit Atquier, OPA TSUPA, Azzedeen, Tao Ravao, S
Classicals, Flamencas, Gypsy swing, Steel string flat top, Jazz Archtop, 1/2 caisse, Hawaiian, Weissenborn, Electric
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