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E.J. Henderson Guitars
"I began making acoustic guitars with my dad, the very talented musician and luthier Wayne Henderson, as a means to pay off my law school loans and ended up loving the work so much that I decided to put a pin in my endeavors to pursue a career in environmental law. For the past few years, I have set out to learn all I can from my dad in order to preserve and carry on his incredible trade while putting my own spin on his traditional aesthetics and methods. I am hoping to chisel a space for myself within the luthier community by working to meld tradition with environmentally friendly practices. Most of my instruments are made from local wood that I find within a small radius from my home in the Appalachian mountains or from materials located farther away but that are thoughtfully and sustainably harvested. Using these methods and my dad's building techniques I am hoping to change the idea that only exotic endangered wood can make a beautiful, great sounding instrument.I currently split my time working in my dad's shop in Rugby, VA and at my home in Asheville, NC."

Jayne's already well on her way, learning from her father and finding her own individual voice.
Asheville, NC
Soprano, Concert, Tenor, Bass, Baritone Ukuleles
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