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Tyler Wells
Tyler Wells has been creating unique instruments under the name LHT Guitars since 2016. His background as an Extreme Metal musician and General Contractor provided the perfect foundation for the Lutherie education to come. Tyler started his full immersion education with the Masters program at The Galloup School off Lutherie in 2015. After graduating from Galloup, he had the amazing fortune to find an apprenticeship with Master Luthier Tom Ribbecke at his shop in Healdsburg, CA. It was there that it became clear, carved top instruments was where he wanted to focus his energy. The Ribbecke legacy is clearly visible in Tyler’s work, but he has developed a voice and aesthetic that is distinctly his own. He blends tradition with innovation to create something that is different, yet still feels familiar. Tyler currently works as the foreman in the Ribbecke shop helping Tom create his world class instruments, while continuing to build 6-8 of his own guitars a year.
Baroque, Madrigal, Cadenza, Fugue

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